Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Beads are coming....

As you may have noticed I have stopped giving a specific time that items will be listed on Wednesdays. I got a little tired, as I am sure you did too, of miscalculating what time items would show up in the shop. 

So when all items are listed I will alert you via the blog and facebook, it will be later tonight I have a lot of enamel and a bit of glass and I really want to get it all in the shop.

Below are some examples of what will be in the shop tonight. I will have several mixed bags, I know a lot of you like those. There will be more mixed bags all summer, because as I am putting sets and pairs together for Beadfest I am left with a lot of singles that turn into mixed bags.

I will touch base later.


glaudius said...

I am impressed by how many beautiful items you can make with such regularity.