Friday, June 29, 2012

Belated sneak peek

I think I finished listing new items in the shop around 1:30am this morning, so I am a little sleepy.

Here is a belated peek at some of the new items you will find in the shop.

This is another Carlo Dona tool that I have purchased of the bellflower variety. It is smaller than the other one I offer and perfect for earrings, the headpin wire the tool accepts is also a smaller 22G. These have five petals and look like the Lily of the Valley flower.

Making pairs and sets for Beadfest and this will be one of the designs. I love the randomness of the raised trails.

 I have been using this enameled filigree in my own earring designs and I have decided to offer it in my online shop as well.  This makes such a comfortable earring, one end fits perfectly into an ear wire and then I wire wrap a little dangle on the other end. I think these have already sold but I will be making more.

This is another filigree that I have been hoarding for my earring designs. Add an ear wire and your done, recently I have added jump rings with seed beads on them at the bottom.  

I also have have some very mixed, mixed bags. After I match up all my pairs I am left with a pile of singles and I offer these at a reduced price since they do not have a matched partner. These singles can be used as dangles on all of your jewelry designs.

The enamel mixed bags are only available in my online shop, I do not offer these at my bead shows. 

So if you only shop with me at the shows, once you get a feel for my products my etsy shop is worth a peek as well.

Thanks for visiting