Friday, May 25, 2012

New listings now and in the wee hours

Sorry I have not posted any updates regarding todays new beads on the blog, I did mention something on facebook earlier.

I am still listing items, and as I am writing this I think I will go ahead and activate what I have done so far. If you want to make a purchase now and later, no worries I will combine orders, I will only charge you once for shipping and not at all if your combined orders are $50 or over.

Here are some examples of what is heading to the shop now and later tonight.

I will check in on the blog and facebook when ALL the listings are in the shop, like I said it will be in the wee hours.

By the way my first bead trunk show went really well, thank you to all my friends at Let's Bead.


Glaudius said...

Nice! Very interesting enameling color effects.
How do you make the bell shaped flowers ?
Keep the good work