Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Back

Hi everyone, sorry no photos for this post, the pictures I took at the bead show were all blurry. I must have had too much coffee.

My show went very well, this was my year anniversary show with Innovative Bead Expo and I was a lot less nervous than last year. It was so exciting to actually have customers looking for me after just 3 shows in Syracuse, and some of them were even wearing jewelry made with my components. Thank you so much to everyone that came by for a visit.

I'm still tweaking things for the shows, I no longer have the plexiglass drawer organizers for my components. They were really hard to keep clean, the components would pile up, and my customers would have to dig.

I ordered some new trays from Rio Grande, they are plastic and very inexpensive, but look very professional. On these trays my glass focals and sets lay in a single layer. I sold a lot more this time, so maybe seeing the choices more easily helped my customers make a selection.

I took a lot of inventory to the show so I still have a lot left, and I don't have another show until August. 

So that means...... 

Next Monday, April 30th I will be having a huge shop update at 12 noon. 

I don't mind combining orders if there is something you see in the shop right now, and you won't have to pay for shipping twice.

Everything will be represented in this update enamel, glass, and the ARTifact Collection that I have not listed in ages. I am making a point to list a lot of glass, my customers at the show that follow me online were asking for more. So this is a perfect opportunity, since my next show is not until August at Beadfest,  I would really like to have some new glass collections to show off.

I am taking custom orders again, thanks for your patience, it was wonderful having some time to prep for the show.

I will have some sneak peeks before next Monday, so stay tuned.


Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Congrats on a successful show!!