Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Bead Teaser

Here is a sampling of what I will be listing in the shop today.

It will be mostly enamel, but I will also have some glass. I have not had any new glass focals in the shop for a while, but it is time to part with some of my favorites.

Sometimes the first bead I make of a certain style is the best one, maybe because there was no plan and some happy accidents happened. By letting go of some of these focals hopefully it will push me to believe that lightning can strike twice.

I am listing almost 100 new items today so I am shooting for 7pm, eastern time, fingers crossed.

Check in with this blog or my facebook page to know exactly when I have listed the new items.

If you have not friended me on facebook yet, my alias is Anne Gardanne.

These wings are brand new, I need to order more for the bead show at the end of the month. I can get these so they are opposites, which would make a great pair of earrings.

I have started to add some of my glass and silver foil to my enameled pieces, in small amounts it works.

Thanks for visiting and see you later.


Lori's Glassworks said...

Love the focals! I'll be checking your shop later today. Cheers!

lunedreams said...

oh man that first bead especially is amazing! like a tiny blue lava lamp! and i love the green buttons.

Gardanne said...

Thanks Ladies. Yes Keirsten that is exactly what I thought that focal looked like, maybe I should start a lava lamp collection.