Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hi everyone I am having a wonderful time at my watercolor workshop in Camden, Maine.

I have so many more wonderful pictures to share when I get home but here are a few.

I feel like this trip is so many vacations rolled into one. Kathryn who lives here, and owns the lakeside cottage we are staying in, is taking us to unique places everyday.

The first full day we spent the morning at a private island owned by Kathryn's in laws since the 1940's.

This beautiful watercolor was done by Caroline our instructor.

The view I was trying to paint yesterday morning.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Camden Harbor for some more painting. The above painting was done by our talented and entertaining teacher, Caroline.

More harbor views from yesterday. The weather has been just like home, 85 degrees yesterday and it will be 58 tomorrow.

Today we went to the lighthouse in Camden Harbor, yet another great connection of Kathryn's.
We took a small boat over this morning at 9am, and it was so foggy we could not see the island until we were right on top of it. The above picture was right where we got out of the boat, no sandy beaches here. The oyster shells were a beautiful blue, and when I got a closer look there was a lot more color going on there.

This is one my "thumbnail" studies that we do before we paint to figure out the composition and shading. I am actually having more fun doing these because there is less to think about.

This last picture was from inside the lighthouse keepers house, see the spider web glistening with tiny droplets of water.

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I'm getting a lot of color and design inspiration for my glass, everything creative is connected in some way.

Hope you are all well.


Alice said...

Gorgeous!!!!!! I'm glad you are enjoying your time there.

I was never good at painting with any medium. And it wasn't for the lack of trying, but it's always been something I wanted to do.

That last photo is stunning!!!!