Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Teaser

Wednesday Beads will be listed in the shop at 6pm tonight!

It's all enamel again, my poor glass feels so neglected. I have to get back to the glass because, unlike my enameling, if I don't use my lampworking skills I will lose them.

Lots of key pairs to choose from today.

Some oval and round chonchos.

Many of my custom orders this week were for Fall colors, so I am starting to shift gears for Fall.

But summer is not over yet, so I have lots of sand dollar and scallop shell focals to choose from.

Tonight after I finish listing these items in the etsy shop, I will be heading to my Mom's house.

Mom is having a cataract removed tomorrow morning and I am going to help her out for a few days. I was an RN many moons ago, I guess I still am, I am really amazed at how much information I have retained.

So all items ordered for the rest of this week will not be mailed until Monday.

See you at 6pm.