Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday Teaser

Wednesday Beads will be listed at 2pm eastern time.

Below are some examples of what will be heading to the bead shop tomorrow.

You will see some glass focals. I can't remember the last time I listed any of those, and they are still my favorite thing to make.

I really have to schedule regular glass time in between the metal and enamel work. I don't know about other lampworkers, but if I am away from glass too long my skill level suffers.
The only way to discover new techniques and styles with the glass is to practice, practice, practice.

I have a few glass heart focals in the shop.

Below is an example of something new I will be offering in the shop. As I have told you in the past applying enamel to different components is a process of trial and error. So I have acquired quite an inventory of stampings that don't work for enamel, and I have had to figure out what to do with them. Some I use in my mixed metal work, but I also have started playing with patina on some of the brass and copper stampings.

This is an example of patina that has been applied to a brass stamping, I then selectively remove the patina to reveal some of the details in the piece, and then the final step is applying 2-3 layers of clear sealer to preserve the patina.

I have some more components from my ARTifact Collection, thanks for the positive feedback on these components.

Here is another one that can be used as a bezel for resin or just leave it as is, a sweet little birds nest.

Some more glass focals.

See you tomorrow, I'm off to bed.


Shirley said...

That is a beautiful bead! Love the brass pieces. The patina is awesome!