Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Beads Thursday

New beads in the shop Thursday at 3pm.

Here are some examples of new beads that will be in the shop tomorrow.

The only new enamel I will have are some sets of these "Snow in Summer" flowers.

I will have a lot of spacer pairs in the 10-12mm diameter range.

You are going to see some new great colors. Well they actually are not "new," I have had a box of Bullseye glass in the studio for years.It is not compatible with the glass I usually use so I rarely pull it out.

But I am loving the colors so much I may invest in some more, it's a little more expensive, but the pinks and the purples are worth it.

I recently invested in some new glass tools. I can now make this chunky disc shape and round beads with this ribbed texture.

Another new glass tool helps me make spacer beads exactly the same size, perfect for earrings.

See you tomorrow at 3pm.


Jenni said...

Love the bullseye discs and the lovely enamel numbers.

pattivan said...

Love the bead shapes...and those enameled flowers are awesome!