Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesday Beads in the Shop at 7:30am

I am so tired I have listed over 70 new items which will show up in the shop at 7:30am, Wednesday morning, eastern time.

The photos show examples of what will be available tomorrow morning.

I have put together several matched pairs for earrings. Some have one pair of beads, others have more than one pair. The sets are coordinated so they can be used all together if you desire.

I will also have several pairs of matching headpins, again they are matches so they can be used as earrings. I will also have a couple groupings of 5 headpins.

I have several choices of Gardanne eggs. I am selling them in pairs this time, they coordinate with each other but they do not match.

I am working on a smaller egg that will be lighter, so the eggs can be used in your earring designs.

Lots and lots of enamel filigree in trios....

...and pairs. They make great lightweight earrings.

There are a few of my enameled butterflies.

And lastly, a few single large enameled filigree beads.

There are several pages, so grab a cup of whatever you drink in the morning and check it out.

See you in the morning.


Jenni C said...

Lovely examples, Anne and very nice crisp photos.