Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring has FINALLY Arrived

An assortment of photos this morning. I was pulled outside yesterday when I thought our row of evergreens was on fire. Turns out that they were pumping out pollen, it was quite a sight. Spring is so late around here they were just waiting for the first warm day, it was in the 70's yesterday, today we are back down to the 40's. I'm not complaining though, you have to be flexible around here.

While I had the camera out I took some pictures in my front entry. Whenever I go for a walk
(which has been a while), I usually come back with a pod or something in my pocket and I deposit it on this table.

Its one of my favorite parts of the house.


These are the little pollen pods that were popping like crazy.

My Dad had an evergreen nursery (in addition to his day job), this evergreen is called a Taxus Yew and it always reminds me of Dad. Mom would sell the trees right out of the driveway, they had quite a following over the years. He was digging trees well into his 80's, the work ethic of that generation is pretty amazing.

Wednesday beads tomorrow, not sure what time yet.


Silver Parrot said...

Pollen is NOT my friend, but your pictures are lovely.

Oh, and I featured some earrings made with your beautiful enamel disks on my blog today ;-)

Jenni said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, really nice.I love your nature collections.