Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Glass and Enamel in the Shop

Some enamel swallow pairs.

I love these, they are a cross between steel and a lunar landscape.
I could have shown 10 pictures of these every time I moved
them the colors changed.

I have not made these in a while, with spring around the corner
I will be making more.

These are something new, they are made off the mandrel. The hole in
the bead is made in the flame, not with the mandrel like a typical bead hole.
In the future I may play around with adding a metal bail, would that be something
you would be interested in having?
The bead hole is at least 2mm so it will accommodate a chain, wire, fiber, or leather.

Here are the headpins I promised earlier, thank you so much for all the feedback on pairs vs assortments.

I will not be listing any more new beads in the shop until Wednesday, April 6th.

I have decided that I really need to focus on increasing my inventory for the Bead Expo show I will be participating in March 26 and 27th, in Syracuse, N.Y.

The shop will remain open and I will continue to ship orders, I still have plenty of choices.

Anything that is left in the shop I will be taking to the show on March 26th, so if there is something you would like me to set aside for you, contact me via etsy.

The shop will only be closed March 26 and 27th.

Thanks for visiting the shop.


Silver Parrot said...

Wow - lots of cool stuff! I love that heart bead especially and of course I've already helped myself to several orders of your darling birds!

somethingunique said...

hello again, wow you are so talented and creative i just love those headpins. ttfn :)

Jenni C said...

I love the off mandrel heart, something I am only just beginning to explore a little myself. I find it a little nerve wracking getting that hole, but you did a great job there. Love the headpins, beautiful colour.

SharePoint Intranet said...

Cute they are!!