Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Book and Show Prep

I received my issue of Wire Style 2, by Denise Peck, that I won in Lorelei's giveaway. Along with a kit of beads to make one of Lorelei's projects in the book.

I was doubly surprised when I noticed that my beads were used in two of the projects in the book, both created by Lorelei. Thank you Lorelei. The first one is on page 36, and its called Rustic Globes Earrings.

For my lampworking buddies out there I made shards from Double Helix Echo, and applied them to Effetre Dark Ivory. The best part of this combination is the veining that appears in the ivory, my most favorite glass reaction.

The other project in the book is on page 44, and is called Copper Coils Bracelet. Glad to see my blog buddy Kelly's Beads next to my beads, our beads have met before we have, spooky.

The next series of pictures are my slow progress in prepping for the Innovative Bead Expo I will be a vendor at next weekend in Syracuse, NY. If you live in the area please visit, I will be the vendor that looks like a deer caught in headlights.

I will be offering enamel in pairs and trios. I have been going to sleep thinking of how to avoid pricing everything, that is way too labor intensive. I think I have come up with a pretty good idea. The items that are the same price and look, like glass eggs or trios of enamel beads (like in the the pictures above and below), will simply have a sign with the price attached to the container they are in.

Glass focals and sets are so much more challenging. Sometimes customers see a a small focal next to a larger one and will automatically think that the larger focal would be more expensive. When in reality the large focal took 20 minutes to make, and the smaller focal took 40 minutes to make. This is because the smaller focal may have involved more decorative features which required more time and skills.

The idea I have come up with to price my glass focals and bead sets, is to run a colored wire with a coil on either end through the beads. I will then have a color coded chart that will reflect the price. For example beads with pink wire are $20. I will have to put wire through every bead, but I will avoid price tags, and if the beads get put back in the wrong trays they are easy enough to identify and place in correct tray.

100 eggs don't take up much room, I will have to make more.

Some small sets of beads for earrings.

I was a bit wordy today, I'm procrastinating, its my strongest skill. Ran out of pictures so I am off to the studio.

If I get my act together I will hopefully have pictures of my display set up next week.

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Rebecca said...

Your eggs look absolutely beautiful!

kelleysbeads said...

Congrats on winning Lorelei's giveaway AND having beads in TWO projects in the book! That is so fantastic :D I still haven't seen it and need to get my own copy!

Wow, 100 eggs? You have been busy and I love them in the pic you shared!

belvedere beads said...

Your eggs are wonderful!

See you in Syracuse next weekend, we have decided that we're coming especially to see you.

blue moss said...

congrats to you.....

and those enamel beads are amazing! i love them.
thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment.
all the best michelle

Lori~Studio Waterstone said...

Congratulations on winning Anne! I know you'll enjoy. Your beads are glorious.