Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Beads are Listed!

Here are the glass headpins/beads I promised, fresh out of the kiln.
I have several similar sets, all of them have two pairs of headpins that are
close enough in size to use for earrings.
All of these glass headpins have been dipped in enamel, sorry the white ones were a challenge to photograph.
These are very interesting I put the enamel on one side of the bead so they really have a different look as they move.
When you see the enamel through the clear glass all the details are magnified.

As I said in a previous post I am trying to build up my inventory for a big bead show at the end of March. For the last week and a half I have only been working on enamel, and I just changed my work area over to glass today.

I am not going to be accepting any custom orders until April 1st, I don't have enough time to switch back and forth between glass and enamel while I am prepping for the show. But if you can wait I would be happy to put you on a waiting list, and then fill your orders starting April 1st.

Every Wednesday you will be getting a tasting of what I happen to be working on that week. The enameled oval beads in the pictures above are vintage, and I can only get them sporadically and in small quantities. I will reserve items like this for the etsy shop.

Thanks again to all who participated in my bead giveaway, the advice was great. In fact I was out shopping for some props today for my booth.

Congratulations to Lori, your assortment of goodies will be in the mail tomorrow.


Pretty Things said...

The enamel is incredible!