Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Beads are Listed!

As promised its all about hearts and flowers today. These are some brand new enameled components that I have just put in the shop.

With enameling at the torch its just trail and error. I pick out some copper or brass components from my suppliers and then put them to the test. The metal has to be durable, if it is easily bent the enamel will pop right off, and of course the enamel has to stick to the metal securely. All brass is not created equal, the other day I purchased some beautiful new filigree beads that I was so excited about, and the enamel slowly but surely popped off as the bead cooled.

Fortunately these new additions to the shop passed all my tests with flying colors.

There are some sweet blossoms...

.....and some bead caps

....and some hearts for Valentine's Day. I am shipping every day this week since we are so close to Valentine's Day, so I can get those hearts to you as soon as possible.

Don't forget to enter the bead giveaway, check out this post for the details.

I just skimmed through some of the comments already on the giveaway post, and the ideas for the bead show are wonderful.

Thanks everyone.


Judy said...

Lovin those bead caps!