Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Beads are Listed!


These got snatched up before I could list them tonight and I am
not showing you this picture just to torture you. I wanted you
to see how cool the enamel on just plain clear glass looks, I put
more enamel on one side so when you look through the
glass the enamel is magnified.
I can always make more and in different colors, my custom orders are about
a week to 10 days turnaround time right now.


So to make up for no glass headpins/beads as promised this week I
have added more pieces from my ARTifact Collection than I intended.

Valentines Day is around the corner.


With much practice I have finally made some resin pieces I feel comfortable
sharing, everything is handmade in these pieces the bezel and the resin pour.
I can't take credit for the images they are from piddix and some famous
impressionist masters.

I hope you like them, the resin was harder to do than it looks in all the
online tutorials. For those of you giving it a try out there make sure you
stir very gently, or like me you will get too many air bubbles.

Thanks for stopping by.


Silver Parrot said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of resin addiction ;-) I love the pieces you made!