Thursday, December 2, 2010

New beads and components in the shop

Well I was right, its late and my eyes are starting to cross. I have just listed several new items in the shop.
I know I sound like a broken record, but don't forget to use the coupon code,


for 10% off your order, sale is over tomorrow at midnight.
With the holidays around the corner you might want to add a Gardanne gift certificate to your wish list. There is a free shipping credit with every certificate.
Enough of the self promotion, have a good weekend.

There is a selection of glass headpins in the shop, I am primarily using brass wire for my headpins now. It does not get as oxidized in the kiln which makes it easier to clean, and so many jewelry designs are in brass. If you want copper wire or sterling wire contact me via etsy and I will make a custom order for you. I recently purchased some nickel silver wire I will try it this weekend, it would be great to have a silver alternative without the cost of sterling.

I had some lonely single butterfly charms on hand and decided to offer mixtures. They are a little less expensive than the matched pairs.

I am glad you liked my new chains last week, I am offering a couple more this week.


Pretty Things said...


Pretty Things said...

NOOOO. Why do I miss all the components? Cripes.