Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mark Downs and New E-courses

Tomorrow will be the last Wednesday beads for 2010, I will be busy making beads over the holidays so I will have some new items for the shops in 2011.

My shops will continue to be open for business over the holidays, in fact tomorrow I plan on MARKING DOWN
some of my glass that has been in the shop gathering dust.
The prices will not get any lower, and I will be cleaning out the items that don't sell to make room for new items in 2011.
I will have SALE in the product title, so you know which ones are on clearance.


One of the benefits of following certain artists blogs for a couple years is getting a sense of what that person is like. I have been following Misty Mawn for a while now,
I just know she is going to be a great teacher.
This e-course Stretching Within, has nothing to do with jewelry, lampworking, or enamel,
but I have no doubt that all of these techniques will be influenced by this exploration.

E-courses seem to really work for me. I can work at my own pace and I don't feel like I am falling behind when life gets in the way. Look for these features in the course description, that will support your work style.

- How long is the e-course available online? Having the course available for at least three months is great.

- Are PDF's of all the information included in the cost of the course?

- Will DVD's of the video tutorials be available?

- Is there a way to get your questions answered?

With all these features I no longer have any excuses for not doing the work.

As you know I took Stephanie Lee's e-course Homesteaders Metalsmithing, I highly recommend Stephanie as an online teacher. She is fun and patient, her instructions are clear, and you get more information than you signed up for.
In fact she has a new e-course called Shifting Ground, it is about exploring journal writing,
check it out.

I would love to hear about your recommendations on e-courses.

See you tomorrow everybody hopefully before noon, check in on my blog and facebook to know when new items and markdowns will be available.


misty said...

thanks so much Anne!
Can't wait!!!!