Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Good news! The cast came off on Monday since the x-rays showed that I was "healing nicely," and the elbow fracture is completely healed. Even though I am an RN, I never worked on orthopedics, apparently different bones have different rates of healing. This wrist fracture is a little tricky so I am in a removable splint for another month, but I am still thrilled that my right thumb and forefinger can actually touch.

I have been putting all the jewelry and component ideas on paper that I hope to be making soon. I had just finished a couple classes on soldering before my fall, so I am very eager to start playing with some metal.
I did manage to make some enamel this week (don't tell my physical therapist), and I will be listing some new enamel before the weekend.
Thank you to my customers that took advantage of my 15% off sale, all your orders will be shipped tomorrow.


Gardanne said...
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kelleysbeads said...

Hooray for getting that cast removed! The splint is a bit of a pain, but at least you can shower without a plastic bag over your arm and continued improvement in your mobility/dexterity/flexibility/all-the-above is just around the corner for you!!!