Thursday, September 2, 2010


You may have noticed some of my listings have "orphans" in their name. These are beads that are extras from other sets that I have put together, they are still quality beads just not a perfectly matched set. The prices of "orphans" are a bargain, so it is a great opportunity to get your feet wet using lampwork beads.

Don't forget free shipping to USA and Canada till Labor Day. My international customers will get the same $2 credit applied to their shipping costs.

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Barbara Lewis said...

Anne, As a potter, I had carpal tunnel and would find I would get numbness in my hands at night. I wore the brace at night. I didn't find I needed it during the day. But I did have one of these gel supports for the computer. It was a long thing that you put in front of the keyboard and it kept your wrists at a proper and supported angle. It really worked. Hope you'll be getting better soon. Sure puts a crimp in your day(s)!

My "word verification" for this comment is "oucies" but I typed it as "ouchies!"

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE orphan sets. Some of my coolest jewelry comes from orphan sets.