Monday, August 9, 2010

Peek into the Enamel Studio

New enamel in the shop, some cool new effects!

I recently purchased the Thompson Enamel sample set, and it is a bit overwhelming. Just look at all the choices and these are just the opaques.

These are the containers I use to store and use my enamel. These bowls are pyrex and are perfect for dipping in red hot copper, the lids are perfect for keeping little critters in my studio out of the enamel.

This cart is a new addition to to the studio, it makes switching from working with enamel to glass a little quicker.

There is the famous Barbara Lewis bead pulling station, and filigree beads waiting to be enameled.

These are some of the samples I have been testing, it will be a fun but long process.

As you know I take custom orders for my glass and enamel pieces. But am going to have to set some limits on the custom orders for enamels, it is too difficult to replicate the colors I get at the torch, and now that I am testing even more colors it will be next to impossible.
I do not want to eliminate my custom orders for enamels entirely, but I may not be able to reproduce some of the newer colors you will be seeing. So if there is something in the shop you simply have to have I would get it. Contact me via etsy for custom orders as you have been, and I can let you know if it is a color I can reproduce or not. I also take custom orders for glass beads, but as you know with any handmade item born in the flame it will never be an exact match.

Tomorrow I am am taking photos and listing glass, because the cupboard is bare.

Thanks for visiting.


Copper Diem said...

I got the big sampler of enamels too - what a thrill to get all those colors!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

What a wonderful set up! I love how you have everything within reach of your work station. Have fun testing and experimenting with the enamels - I think that is the best part of playing with enamels is seeing the color combination's you can achieve.

Lauren said...

this all looks so exciting and inspiring, im jealous! :)
good luck with your experimenting xx

Silver Parrot said...

Oooh...look at all the new goodies. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them!