Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have been included in a treasury created by TickledPinkKnits. It is called "Cool and Refreshing" and I am very flattered to be in such talented company. Please take the time to visit her shop, it is a great example of a well designed shop, it makes you want to linger.
I know there is a way to get a picture of the treasury on the blog, can any computer genius out there help me?


Lorelei said...

do you know how to take a screen shot?
If you work in Picasa at all, open that program, minimize it.
Now hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. I suppose this will only work with a PC. Not sure the mac version.
Then go to Picasa, and in the Screen Captures, will be your etsy image. crop it down as you need to and save the image. then upload to blogger.

Gardanne said...

Thanks Lorelei, I have a Mac time for some more training.

Lori said...

Anne, on a mac you simply use your two fingers to reduce the size of the page to a workable size. Then click (at the same time) shift, command, 4. then you use control to adjust the size and it automatically takes the pic and saves it to your desktop.

Gorgeous treasury, btw. :)