Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm a Sentimental Fool

Luralie from of Wild Sparrow wrote a lovely post about her winnings on my recent bead giveaway, and the virtues of handmade items. I have to agree anything my loved ones have created are very special to me.

When I go to an estate sale its sometimes a little sad to see items with a family history attached to them tossed to the wind. I like to get garden tools that are well worn from years of use, and think of the previous owners enjoying their gardens when I play in the dirt. Lately I have also been checking out tool benches at estate sales for my future metal smithing bench, the quality of the tools is usually better than what you would find today.
Have a great day, and thanks again Luralie.


Lori said...

What sweet thoughts about the old tools. I also love the idea of using an old gardening bench. Let us know when you find one.

BEAUTIFUL pictures.

Wild Sparrow said...

I love these beautiful photographs. Browsing second-hand shops, I'm always surprised by the number of beautiful hand-made quilts, knitted blankets, and embroidered linens. I often scoop them up without any idea as to what I'll do with them. But I just can't bear the thought of them going unloved!

Thank you to you, Anne! As you commented on my post, online blog connections can be unexpectedly rewarding and meaningful. I've only just begun this journey, and I agree that it is a warm, wonderful road to be walking.

Parudy said...

Sentimental, yes! Fool, no!