Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Freedom....Short lived

Natalie has been safely dropped off at camp and all is well, she is going to have an amazing experience. However Nora one of our three dogs blew her knee and had surgery on Monday, she is fine but requires a lot of care.

So unfortunately Wednesday beads is canceled today. I hope Nora feels better so I can get into the studio every day this week. The ISGB ( International Society of Glass Beadmakers) is coming to town the end of July, I have a pre and post conference workshop, and July 31st I will be participating in the bead show. So my glass bead inventory needs to grow.
If that was not enough I signed up for Stephanie Lee's e-course Homesteader's Metalsmithing, I am sure you are all familiar with Stephanie's book, Semiprecious Salvage. I have been a long time admirer of Stephanie's and it is my first stab at an e-course. There is a link on her blog, if any of you are interested.
Lastly in August I will be taking a soldering class at a local gallery, I have soldered before, but never practiced after the class, I am determined to keep my skills up this time.
I have put a few earrings in the jewelry shop and some beads may be trickling in this week, but I promise to have loads of glass and enamel next Wednesday.
All of the orders processed while I was out of town are in the mail, thank you for your patience.

Oops, I did not forget about the bead giveaway to celebrate my 400th sale. I will be having the Bead Giveaway next week, it will include a little bit of everything, I will keep you posted.


Sue Doran said...

Fingers crossed for Nora's quick recovery. Good luck with increasing your beads!