Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Beads are up

My fingers are numb, just listed 25 new glass and enamel choices in the bead shop. I may have a couple more items later. Don't worry, if you already made an order I will not double charge you for shipping.

I am going to be busy entertaining through Memorial Day, so any orders made tonight I will get in the mail after the holiday weekend. If you need them in the mail ASAP leave me a note and I will get those in the mail tomorrow.
I am still working on custom orders, I will get those approved (hopefully) and mailed by Saturday.
I just received a huge order of pieces for enameling, I will have to find a free moment this weekend to play with those. The toggle rings are on backorder, I have a few left, so if you want a particular color let me know.

You may also notice that the glass colors are a little different in tonight's listings. I pulled out my Bullseye glass, I have been hoarding it for a while, there are some luscious colors that are no longer available. I only have a rod or two of each color left so if you are in love with any one in particular, let me know and I can make you more.

One last reminder, don't forget to comment on this post to enter the bead giveaway, I will be randomly picking a winner on Friday morning. Thank you to everyone who has entered and thank you for spreading the word on your blogs.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Barbara Lewis said...

These are great! You know that song "You work your fingers to the bone ... what do you get ... boney fingers! I wonder if I could use that technique for other parts of my body! :-)

Lori said...

Oh my - the ones at the top had me. They look like yummy little colorful doughnuts. I LOVE them. Rest your poor little fingers today. :)