Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Beads

Remember I told you last week that I finally saw Wicked the Musical, well of course it was wonderful and when I got home I quickly jotted down some bead ideas. I would say that the part of the musical that inspired me the most was the costumes, they had bustles and layers upon layers of fabric. I think in another life I would want to be a costume designer. In high school I was always a fixture on the costume crew for the musicals, and we had an wonderful teacher that showed us how to design and fit each costume from scratch.

Anyway the beads I am posting tonight were inspired by the costumes in Wicked. The colors are the colors of Oz, I grabbed every color I owned in the green family and just mixed and matched. It was a good lesson in color, it was nice to be spontaneous and just grab whatever.
All of these beads are different shapes and sizes so it is taking me a long time to list them, I will continue to list until I am too tired.
Enjoy looking around the shop, and don't forget everything in both shops is 10% off till Mother's Day.


EB Bead and Metal Works said...

The beads are soooo cool. I love the shapes and colors. I especially like the turquoise beads.

Pretty Things said...

Those are really, really cool!