Saturday, May 15, 2010

Letting Go

Having this online shop has been a great lesson for me in being able to let go of pieces that I especially like. I suppose the fear has been that I would not be able to make them again, it is the nature of working with glass that you can't make the exact same bead twice. But now that I take pictures of my beads I have a reference, and it pushes me to make more. 9 times of of 10 the newer version generates new discoveries that are even better.

I have just listed some of those focals I have been hanging on to, as well as a few enamel pieces. This weekend I will be making more enamel beads, and making beads for my bead swap partner Lisa of Lucid Moon Studio. I will give you some sneak peeks soon.


Lucid Moon Studio said...

These beads are dreamy!! Make sure if you post any sneak peaks of the beads for me, you put "Spoiler Alert" at the top so I will know not to look...I want to be surprised!! Aren't I silly? But I LOVE surprises :) Well, GOOD surprises, anyways. Lol.