Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Beads

I have had a lot of custom orders this week (Thank you!) and minimal studio time, so I have been forced to organize my stash.

I tend to be most creative when I am spontaneous in front of the torch, making the same type of bead over and over limits my discovery of new techniques. So I have created these collections today by sorting my beads and mixing and matching until I have a collection that would work together. Some of these beads in the same collection have been made years apart, but somehow have found each other.
Selling my beads and blogging about the process has lead to a lot of self discovery, I would highly recommend it to you creative people out there.

Here is a sampling of some of the collections I am offering in the bead shop today.

I even made a Valentine's Day necklace which I will be posting in my jewelry shop momentarily.
Thanks for visiting.


Lucid Moon Studio said...

Oh added so many awesome beads to your shop! I want them all...come on, tax refund, get here already!!!

BTW, got my custom beads today, and they have exceeded my expectations as usual! I had forgotten all about the other beads I picked out, so that was a nice surprise, lol.

Gardanne said...

Thanks Lisa, so glad you are happy with your order.