Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sally Prash Class

I recently took a class with Sally Prasch at More Fire Studio, I worked with boro (pyrex) and "pulled points." That is how I made the roundish hollow beads, they actually start out as a tube of glass. As soon as I anneal them and practice a little more I will probably be offering them in the shop. You could put small beads, notes, or other mixed media items in them and then cap them with bead caps to keep tiny items from falling out. Sally is an amazing teacher and I would highly recommend taking a class from her, please check out her site for upcoming classes. Sally has such a calm manner, which is always good when you a working with a large flame. I think the most important realization I had while watching her work is how she makes small movements and achieves her goals with a series of steps not one big one, it has made me slow down a bit and not race to the finish.
I also made a "glass bezel" with a hole on each end, I am thinking about this for an upcoming project, if I don't chicken out.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, even if you don't have a special someone do something nice for yourself today. My Valentine's Day free shipping offer ends tonight at midnight, so go check out both my shops for some goodies.


Lorelei said...

wow wow wow.
i love the clear glass bezel and can't wait to see what you do with that!
did you make those clear hollow glass beads too?
they remind me of those cool glass pods that Cynthia shows in her Enchanted Adornments book.
Hmmm. can you make more of these?

kathyd said...

hi anne
it is nice to find you here .
i sat across from you at squam.
( i was the one that was sick)

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I love these glass capsules! Save one or two for me if you decide to list them...I would love to experiment with them. I'm thinking I would make custom polymer clay or PMC bead caps for them! I agree with Lorelei, they remind me of the ones in Cynthia's book. The glass bezels would be great to play around with many options!