Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keeping busy

I have had a lot of fun the past couple days, I attended a two day Precious Metal Clay workshop at Let's Bead. The teacher was Terry Kovalcik, and he managed to teach me how to make those silver lentil beads. This PMC could be yet another costly habit.

I also managed to make some beads over the weekend. I am getting better at encasing my beads in clear, it really magnifies the details in the glass. These blue tube beads are made with Aurea glass and the other set of beads are made with raku glass. I did not want to leave the torch I was getting so many great colors out of this glass.
I hope to get some of these beads in the shop by this weekend or at least early next week. I am not sure if I should sell these beads individually or in sets of three.
Let me know what you think?


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