Friday, August 21, 2009

Feel free to comment

Look how lush the garden is this year with all the rain.

As you can see I have had some very good torch sessions lately. I have never had a lot of patience to encase my beads in clear, one mistake and I would give up. Encasing the bead decoration in clear magnifies all the detail, and adds another dimension to the bead. But this week I finally took the time, and I think I have been successful, now I encase everything that does not move.

I have noticed that I have been posting new beads in my shop very sporadically. So in an effort to get me on a regular schedule, and hopefully make shopping more convenient for my customers, I will be posting new beads in the Gardannebeads etsy shop every Wednesday. So starting next Wednesday, August 26th by 12 noon eastern time, there will be some new beads in the shop.
If for some reason I am unable to add new beads I will let you know via my blog.
If this does or does not work for you let me know.

Oh I almost forgot! My computer savvy friends have solved the problem with leaving comments, so please feel free to comment. As soon as I can get my comment numbers up I will have a bead giveaway.

Thanks for visiting, Anne


Natalie said...

Your garden is so green and beautiful! We have had so much rain in Dallas also, which is very odd for this time of the year.

The beads are lovely, I wear the earrings from you at least once a week. I just love them!

belvedere beads said...

Are you getting excited about the upcoming class with 'nina' yet? I am and it's just vicarious anticipation. I do have lots of old ribbons, silks, etc in my personal stash. What colors are you looking for? I can bring some in on a Tuesday.

In case you haven't heard, Sally Prasch is going to teach a one day 'ornaments at the torch' advanced class at More Fire. Are you interested?

SummersStudio said...

Yeah, I can comment again! I want to come live in your garden with your beads. So beautiful. What a good idea about listing once a week. I'm going to give that approach some serious thought. BTW, the kiln is firing, pics to you tomorrow (hopefully).

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Bummer about your comments, glad it's fixed! I love how your beads are turning out! I need to have a sale soon so I can have some bead buying money by Wednesday :)


Gardanne said...

So glad people can comment again!!!
Natalie so happy you are enjoying your earrings.
Lucinda I like purples, olive, turquiose, earth tones I'm sure anything you like I will like.
SS can't wait to introduce your lentil to my lentils.
LM when is your wedding??? I know the feeling I am going to a bead show tomorrow a I will have to behave myself.