Friday, July 17, 2009

Designer showcase

I love to see how other designers use Gardanne beads in their work. The above designs are by Lorelei, she was my very first etsy customer and has been very supportive of my work. Lorelei has a knack for showcasing elements from different designers and making it work. Lorelei also makes a point of listing the source of all the elements she uses in her designs. I tend to be a jack of all trades, but I am realizing that it is more cost effective to purchase jewelry components from other designers who have already mastered that technique. Lorelei has generously pointed me in the direction of some great resources.
In the above bracelet she used one of my flower beads to make a clasp, Lorelei can make a clasp out of anything. These items along with other great choices are available in her etsy shop right now. Also check out Lorelei's blog: Inside the Studio, it is a part of my morning routine.

Keep sending pictures of jewelry using Gardanne beads, I would love for this to be a regular feature on my blog.

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