Sunday, May 24, 2009

New beads and blooms

                                         New beads in my etsy shop, thanks for stopping by.


Lorelei said...

I am literally IN LOVE with the set of green beads in your etsy shop.If that bead show wasn't this weekend, I'd be totally buy them today. They are so super Anne!
I made a bracelet using one of your focals. I'll email you a picture of it. Maybe you can throw it on the blog sometime.

Mags said...

I found my way here via StephChows. You have a lovely blog and even lovlier jewelry at your Etsy store.

Gardanne said...

Hi Mags, I love the title of your blog "The other side of fifty." I am on that side too, when people ask how old I am that is my new answer.
Since cooking is not my strength, getting introduced to all these cooking blogs is is great, I may even enter the kitchen.

Hey Lorelei, I have plenty of that glass so don't worry, I can whip you up a set anytime. I love the bracelet, and the use of the focal, you will be seeing it in an upcoming blog post.