Monday, April 27, 2009

More Fun at More Fire

My bead buddies and I will have beautiful beads for sale. Nancy will probably have some of her lovely porcelain beads, Lauralee has amazing fused pieces, and Lucinda makes these little birds that are great for earrings.  Don't feel like spending money? Then enjoy the demos in the bead room and in the hot shop. 

This is the studio that taught me lampwork, however they failed to tell be how addictive it would be. Sign up for a beginner class, and forget your troubles for a few hours.


sharon said...

Your beads are awesome, I like the Caramel ones and Santorini...luscious! Your etsy sop looks good!!

Gardanne said...

Thanks Sharon, I love your wirework. I can make a good wrapped loop and that is about it. Thanks for visiting.