Sunday, January 3, 2016

Exciting News

One of the most exciting things about my glass and enamel journey is collaborating with fellow artists. Meg Mullen, of Bead My Love, is one of those talented artists and dear friend. Meg and her mother Moggie took me under their wings when I started exhibiting at shows, it must have been that deer in headlights expression I had on my face.

In the current February issue of Bead and Button magazine Meg has at least a two page spread on a bead embroidery pendant she designed called Playful Pinwheels. She created this pendant around my enameled pinwheels. I have one of these pendants in teal that I wear at practically every show, it goes with everything and I could have sold it several times off my neck.

If you want a different color pinwheel just go to my ETSY shop I can make you a one in any color you want just send me a message.

Meg has kits ready to go on her website and any seed bead shape and color you can imagine for all your bead embroidery needs. If you get a chance check out Meg's bead retreats, they fill up fast. I attended one a year ago having never touched a bead embroidery needle in my life and walked away with two finished projects. Between Meg and Moggie you will not lack for support whether you are a beginner like me or have advanced skills. That does not even include the good food and the friendships you will experience.

Meg and I will both be in Tucson at the end of the month at the To Bead True Blue show  we will both be in the Grand Ballroom at the Doubletree. We would love to see you.

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